Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sugar Plum Babies

I'm entirely aware that this is a slightly biased statement, but these kiddos may be the sweetest little babes ever to grace the earth.  My relationship with their mother involves a very tangled web of "by-marriage" connections, but I call her my sister because, well, she exceeds all of the requirements involved with claiming the title.  And because she's my sister, I'm lucky enough to call these two cuties my niece and nephew.  So when I feel the need to exercise some photographic creativity, these two are my go-two guinea pigs for obvious reasons.

I had an itch to create a holiday card-worthy photo, using simple white Christmas lights as a sparkly backdrop.  So much of an itch, that I annoyed the living day-lights out of my husband by spending the better part of an hour (or two?) to create my backdrop.  Surprisingly, the task was more difficult than you'd think.  The festive intensive labor was totally worth it, and resulted in some of my most favorite photos to date. 

Instead of babbling on about how dang precious these kids are, scroll through the photos and gander for yourself.  Could I have asked for a better outcome?  Absolutely not. With that said, here are the results of my sparkly-card brain child photo session with Baby J and sweet Baby Girl...